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Michael Dimatteo

Hi I'm Michael Dimatteo: Movie Mogul, Student and Amature Polar Bear Wrestler!

Michael Dimatteo is currently a law student at the University of Toronto. Michael Dimatteo grew up in London, Ontario and was raised by his mother Patricia. Michael Dimatteo moved to Toronto to chase his dreams of becoming a high profile corporate lawyer. In his free time Michael enjoy's watching movies, eating sushi and making new friends.

Michael Dimatteo's Background

Michael Dimatteo's Experience

Waiter at Moxie's Classic Grill

November 2001 - Present

Michael Dimatteo's Education

St. Mary's High School

University of Toronto

Michael Dimatteo's Interests & Activities

Law, business, Skyrim, PS3, Internet Marketing, SEO, Facebook, Soccer, Yoga, Accounting, Apple, Iphone, twitter, real estate, economy, politics, the Bachelor

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